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What Parents Say About Us

After watching Jimmy play, the coach of a national team remarked that his basic badminton techniques were flawless, Huang, who patiently demonstrated every minute detail to the children, focused intently on their racket face, wrist, and fingers. He even personally played with children who were much lower in skill level. Even as someone with no knowledge of the sport, I could tell that this was a coach who took his job seriously. Sometimes, the children would say that Coach Huang was strict, however, after being scolded, the children would still gather around him and chat about various topics. I knew then that this was a coach who truly cared for his students.

Jimmy’s Father

Whether it is observing Coach Huang compete personally or witnessing his direct guidance during the training sessions for children, both occasions are undoubtedly a delightful sight.

Phillip’s father 

Huang Guoxing is highly competent, determined, and genuinely caring towards children. He should go even further in his endeavors. 

Daniel’s Father

Coach Huang Guoxing is a highly skilled badminton coach with a wealth of competitive experience. He approaches training with utmost seriousness and responsibility, wholeheartedly focusing on teaching and providing attentive guidance to his students. With his patient and supportive approach, Coach Huang is admired and respected by children as a mentor and friend. 

Cynthia’s Mother

Raymond has made remarkable progress over the past year and a half under the guidance of Coach Huang. His improvement has been extraordinary, spanning from correcting his techniques and physical training to honing his skills through practical competitions. Coach Huang’s tailored guidance, including comprehensive post-match analysis, has played a pivotal role in Raymond’s overall enhancement in his badminton performance. We extend our sincere gratitude to Coach Huang for being such an exceptional mentor in helping Raymond find his way towards excellence. 

Raymond‘s Mother 

He is a patient and student-centered individual. With the ability to explore the best and most outstanding aspects of each student, his capabilities extend beyond imparting knowledge to maximizing the potential of his students. he focuses on the individual differences of each student and strives to help them achieve their own success. He emphasizes attention to detail and approaches teaching with a professional and formal attitude.

Ben’s Father

I am deeply grateful that we were introduced to Coach Huang when Aris was just five years old. From the very beginning, we have been guided under his coaching without ever deviating from the right path. I express my heartfelt gratitude.

Aris’  Parents

Coach Huang, with his profound expertise, outstanding teaching abilities, and patient guidance, has enabled the children at GX Club to fully unleash their potential and achieve remarkable results. He has also fostered an excellent team that embodies health and progressiveness. 

Alex’ father